Performances E-commerce

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Hosting is not only infrastructure


Technology to boost your performance

Des technologie pour doper vos performances

E-Commerce configurations


Tailored and specific configurations for your business

Cache for all levels

Boost your site

With cache at all levels.

Our engineers know all configurations,
the best tools and software components to optimise your performance.

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A scalable infrastructure

Smile Hosting provides a scalable solution

Your architecture must be scalable (possibility of adding new front-end servers). Prefer Cluster technologies.
Remove or minimize the SPOF (Single Point Of Failure).

E-commerce Cloud services

Capacity to absorb/manage traffic spikes/peaks. Your infrastructure adapts to your business (sales, TV campaigns, ...)

The cloud infrastructure is customised according to your needs:

  • Dedicated servers with an overflowing Cloud offer
  • Full Cloud hosting
  • Multi platform Cloud