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A swift and efficient database whatever the volume


Smile has intergrated Magento and MongoDB, a NoSQL database to meet the challenges of storing larger catalogues of data, this scalable solution will bring an unmatched performance.

Millions of products…

weighing nothing

Through the integration of MongoDBthe size and use of your database is significantly reduced. Thus, giving more availability for dealing with other tasks and facilitating maintenance.

Mongogento was designed to operate on heterogeneous catalogues containing millions of products, while reducing the impact of the Magento EAV model .

The use of the NoSQL MongoDB for storing product attributes reduces the load on the MySQL database while retaining the flexibility of the document model.

Unmatched performance

The combination of a SolR our static cache system MageCacheand MongoDB integration provides exceptional front office performance even with the largest catalogues.

Your back office also remains reactive, allowing your team to be more productive in the animation of your eCommerce website and growing a more competitive advantage.

The results of Smile tests

Back office performance


Back office performance


Quick installation

Starting a new project?
MongoGento installs and configures in minutes on your new Magento installation.


Scalable and secure

With its highly scalable architecture, MongoDB allows your website to grow in a controlled and linear fashion. MongoDB automatic recovery mechanism also ensures better fault tolerance.


Open Source

Et bien sûr Mongogento est pleinement open source, développé par les équipes de Smile et distribué sous la même licence libre que Magento, OSL.

And of course Mongogento is full open source, developed by Smile's team and distributed under the same open source licence than Magento, OSL.

Find it on GitHub.