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Find out what your visitors actually experience

Find out what your visitors actually experience

Operating system, obsolete browsers, lack of available RAM, degraded bandwidth, limited equipment or terminal, mobile and tablets use, impact of tags on partners and advertising agencies can slow down loading ...

Mesurez avec fiabilité la performance

Reliably measure users perceived performance of your site with RUM

Combine your RUM measures with your BI

Analyse in detail the user experience, segmentation, correlation with measures such as transaction processing rate, the average basket.

Prenez les bonnes décisions

Make the right decisions

Identify areas of latency
Define priorities for technical optimisation Calculate the ROI of these optimisations

Analyse the results

Open source business intelligence tools enable the establishment of dashboards such as:

  • Quintile average loading times and associated conversion rate
  • Average basket VS time to fully load basket. More simply, analytics tools, like Piwik give a view of the performance experienced per page.

Server-side: storage measurement & big data

  • For each page loaded by a user, a measure of a hundred bytes is transmitted to the server.
  • The number of simultaneous visitors can affect the number of requests sent to the storage server; through symmetry , we can quantify the number of page views per second.
  • The server application must be able to store data in a database, with potentially high frequency.

Client side, an open source component, cross-browser

Boomerang.js edited by Yahoo, provides accurate measurements such as network latency, loading time, execution time, and the time taken to load the full display.


Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Android are compatible since their latest versions, Safari is not yet represented, but Javascript alternatives exist.


Our promise :

You will stop managing your optimisation projects blind

RUM by Smile

The implementation of RUM, client and server side: our engineering teams integrate tools into your site for the collection and storage of data.

Design dashboards and data analysis: our consultants offer customised dashboards and support you in analysing the data.

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